Executive Rebels

What does it take to be an Executive Rebel™?EASTAFF1

It takes  a wide variety of skills and experiences, specifically inclusive of those of a fairly traditional executive who understands many of the standard and important things about how to start, run, and grow a business over time … and then it takes a bunch of other skills too:

  • The ability to not just listen to but to hear others
  • The ability to help people come to decisions they may not feel entirely comfortable about
  • The willingness to tell people truths they don’t want to hear — preferably with charm, on a good day
  • The ability to help people step outside their comfort zones
  • The desire to keep learning new ideas — on a daily basis
  • The courage to make mistakes

An Executive Rebel helps individuals and businesses to set and define very specific objectives and then seeks to achieve those objectives in ways that will help that individual or business “stand out from the crowd” by being different and by showing others why this matters through strategic ideation and related services.

An Executive Rebel is a change agent who can help you to imagine your business through the eyes of others in ways that will allow the employees and the customers of that business to see it in more positive and constructive ways. But he or she is not just a change agent. Rather, he or she is a change agent on a mission with a highly defined objective. It’s not enough to “dare to be different”. That’s just the beginning.


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